Our Company

Since 2004, GRAVITON IT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD has implement leading commercial and open source technologies. The company has combined expert knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and exceptional quality assurance to ensure clients receive the best integrated business process and electronic document management solutions. We have customised these technologies to the diverse business requirements of their large scale clients in government and the corporate and banking industries.

Graviton has a comprehensive understanding of archival strategies from paper, process, services, software and hardware perspective and believe that, with our partners, we are best positioned to assist large Government and Commercial organisations in all aspects of this market sector.

The services required are to define existing and future architecture, clients and partner requirements as well as details such as "indexing schemas" etc. so that a selective product strategy be implemented and completed by Graviton and selectedpartners.

Graviton, locally as well as globally, has partner agreements with best of breed software providers specialising in their arenas.

Our new hardware division provides a wide range of hardware from laptops through to enterprise platforms, including mass storage devices, peripherals, and printing and scanning devices from the broadest range of suppliers. The combination of the two divisions allows us to provide an end-to-end solution for those clients seeking this kind of engagement.